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Site Address 3055 HARBOR DRIVE 1901, FORT LAUDERDALE  
Mailing Address 3055 HARBOR DR #1901 FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33316
ID # 5042 12 CH 0370
Millage 0312 
Use 04 
Abbreviated Legal Description HARBOURAGE PLACE CONDO UNIT 1901
The just values displayed below were set in compliance with Sec. 193.011, Fla. Stat., and include a reduction for costs of sale and other adjustments required by Sec. 193.011(8).
Property Assessment Values
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Year Land Building Just / Market
Assessed /
SOH Value
2014 $170,390   $1,533,510   $1,703,900   $1,703,900    
2013 $151,290   $1,361,570   $1,512,860   $1,401,050   $27,728.06  
2012 $161,100   $1,449,860   $1,610,960   $1,377,640   $27,077.58
IMPORTANT: The 2014 values currently shown are "roll over" values from 2013. These numbers will change frequently online as we make various adjustments until they are finalized on June 1. Please check back here AFTER June 1, 2014, to see the actual proposed 2014 assessments and portability values.
2014 Exemptions and Taxable Values by Taxing Authority
  County  School Board  Municipal  Independent 
Just Value $1,703,900  $1,703,900  $1,703,900  $1,703,900 
Assessed/SOH  $1,703,900  $1,703,900  $1,703,900  $1,703,900 
Add. Homestead
Exempt Type  
Taxable  $1,703,900  $1,703,900  $1,703,900  $1,703,900 
Sales History -- Search Subdivision Sales
Date Type Price Book/Page or CIN
7/25/2013   WD-Q   $3,100,000   111765635
8/13/2007   WD-T   $100   44522 / 631
11/28/2001   SWD   $100   32554 / 1713
1/19/1999   SWD   $1,385,000   29245 / 1000
Land Calculations
Price Factor Type
Adj. Bldg. S.F. 5269  
Units/Beds/Baths 1/3/3.5  
Click for Eff. Year Built   or   Act. Year Built
Special Assessments  
Fire Garb Light Drain Impr Safe Storm Clean Misc
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